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Tictacs No wait, Tactics


Here are some tactics divided into sections.


General Tactics


Keep low as often as possible so you donít get shot as much. It often helps to fire cover shots while moving between locations which keep the enemyís head down. Use surprise, do things that your enemy doesnít expect. Always come out from around the side of cover when possible, it makes you harder to hit. Use cover whenever possible. Always bring enough ammo. Donít be afraid to shoot, youíll unconsciously let the enemy get too close and theyíll have an easy shot. Slowly look around a corner so that you donít instantly Pop out and not know where the enemy is. The idea is that you slowly reveal the next area by seeing it part at a time. However, don't hug the corner or you risk literally running into an enemy. This is called Slicing the Pie and is used by the LAPD SWAT division (It really works). When you reach a door or gate and need to enter the area beyond flatten your back against the wall adjacent to the door and slide your inside foot up to the doorjamb. Then pivot your foot as you swing your momentum through the passage. This maneuver (called a button hook) allows you to quickly get through the door or gate so you can quickly take cover and make room for teammates. You also minimize your profile against the door. This is another SWAT tactic. Use Ambushes whenever you can. An ambush doesnít have to conceal your team, you just have to be in a better position than your opponent(s) (i.e. good cover, well prepared). If the enemy knows where you are, keep moving and try to maintain the momentum of your attack. This is called dynamic movement and it operates on the principle that if a team or individual moves quickly and continuously while clearing an area his enemies will have more trouble reacting. Keep moving and don't worry about being quiet, you can even yell when entering a room because it catches your enemy offguard. Yelling is a poor man's flashbang. Also by using dynamic movement you're ending the war quicker one way or another, which means more action less waiting. Also train every once in a while.

One on One

This is the most common Nerf war because you only need 2 people. You cannot use stealth and ambushes as effectively because the other person is looking for you. A good surprise can win a 1 on 1 war because if you hide really well and the enemy walks by all you need is one well-placed shot and pow. In a 1 on 1 war you only have to nail 1 person, so keep this in mind. Also, the other person only has to get you, remember this.


This is a situation you should try to avoid in a team war. Otherwise people are probably ganging up on you in an all-on-all war. In this situation you want to have good cover and a weapon with better range than your opponents. And above all BE ALERT! If you donít you wonít see an enemy sneaking up behind you. If the enemy gets on 2 different sides youíve got your work cut out for you. Donít expect to live too long like this though. Use ambushes when you can, untrained teams tend to make lots of noise. If youíre cornered try to escape without being shot or blast your way through the enemy. Above all try to avoid being outnumbered because while you may take a few out, you wonít do your team as much good.

Team Tactics


First of all youíre a team, act like one. Donít run around remembering who you arenít supposed to kill, work together. Splitting up with no plan can only take you so far. Instead, try to communicate (important word!) with your team and only split up if you have a solid plan on how to rejoin or eliminate the enemy totally. Usually the only time a team splits up is when a sniper goes out alone to bring down a few enemies and return or an assassin or kamikaze goes out alone to take as many as he can with him and not return. Move in a fairly loose group so some kamikaze rookie with a ballzooka doesnít take you all out. When entering an area with a closed door or gate have your point man stand by the door with his gun ready (an enemy could rip open the door and blast him if he isnít ready) while another guy stands on the opposite side of the door. All other teammates are behind cover or very low with a firing solution on the door. Then the point man throws or kicks the door open blasting an enemy if he sees one. Then he steps to the side of the door to reload while others shoot enemies coming through the door If you feel like the enemy is getting organized in there have your men use the button hook maneuver going through the doorway 2 at a time and then have them get behind cover or very low firing until you have your team inside the room firing away. Dynamic movement as a team is difficult but can be deadly for your enemies. It requires communication and general combat intelligence to successfully work as a team under these circumstances. Especially in a close-quarters environment. The pointman will lead the team and concentrate on moving forward and watching for enemies while the rest of the team covers openings such as doors, open windows, hallways, etc . . This way if you are attacked the person covering that opening can at least fire a cover shot and alert the team. Also you need to avoid blocking each-other's line of fire, because a warrior who can't fight is one less warrior.


These wars are normal except often theyíre more fast and furious because you see your enemy when theyíre a lot closer. In general you have to react faster and thereís a lot of cover. Use this to your advantage.




Outdoor wars tend to require more range and less rate of fire than indoor wars. Snipers have lots of fun because they can hide high up in trees and pick enemies off a long ways off with his modified crossbow (A favorite of snipers). Donít ignore your snipers in these wars, they can bump off quite a few people.


Note: I got quite a few of these tactics and strategies from the game Police Quest SWAT by Sierra. It has a large database of information but not all of it applies to Nerf wars. I got it for 8 bucks (cost as much as my hidden shot) because itís old and it wasnít too popular so sierra is making some last ditch bucks off of it. As always Iíll update as I think of more tactics.

Recently I asked members of the nerflist how they deal with campers (people who sit and wait for you), and here are their responses:

I usually get a teamate to come in from behind, and I rush the fort. If they such a wuss they have to hind behind cover, ther're sure to run. Then my teamate gets em.
Nerf4ever, forever Nerf.

Run screaming toward his location. If you have a WildFire, now is the time to unload some holy foam on some ass. If not, just make sure you hit the bastard. Or, you can avoid his location completely, if possible. Soon enough, he'll get the message that no more meat is coming his way, and he'll go in search of it. It is the warrior instinct.
--Dead is dead, and parts is parts, and dead guys is parts.

Chuck some Vortex Howlers at the bastard. That will be alarming. Use a shot-put with a foam tip as a last resort(if its legal).
Dav...err, Anarchist

You do the same to them. Assuming you know where they are, you just plant your self down and see who moves first. Either that, or you create a diversion so that when they're looking somewhere else, you can sneak up and shoot 'em.

I havent tried this but assuming he's somewhat of a coward to hide, then if you move fast, rushing him but not making yourself an easy target, he'll fire all his ammo quickly (hopefully missing) or he'll get up and run (chance to hit him). I'm not sure if that will work.

I usually set the dogs upon them so I don't have to worry about being shot.

Knife Combat


Many people allow nerf knives in their wars. These are basically just sticks that don't hurt when you hit people with them. I use paper towel rolls if nothing else is readily available. It's rare that somebody will carry a sword into a nerf war because it isn't worth the bulk. It may have better reach than a dagger, but it has far inferior reach to any nerf gun worth using.
A knife is for going at people who have long reload times or if you can get the drop on them. It's hard to sneak up on somebody with a knife, and I wouldn't advise it to most people. That leaves people reloading. If your team is charging and a person is too preoccupied avoiding fire to reload, he's yours. A reload time would hardly be sufficient to knife somebody in if they didn't panic and run away when they see you. Use caution though, many guns are reloadable while running (particularly single-shot pistols). If you are out of ammo and have no time to reload, it's really a judgement call on whether to use your knife or take cover to reload. Master it, and you'll be the one left standing more often.

A knife fight is rare in nerf wars, but can be an entertaining (and tiring) challenge. The reach of your knives requires you to be up close to your enemy to hit. Also, it is difficult to block a knife attack (with your KNIFE that is) due to the shortness of the weapon. This means you will have to be cautious and aggressive at the same time, and use more footwork than blocking to avoid strikes. Use feints and try to get at your opponent's flank if you can. Lunge as fast as you can when attacking and especially when avoiding swings (for obvious reasons). Sometimes it may be advisable to let the enemy have one of you arms (that is disable it with a strike). He'll think he's won and get careless. The problem with this is that unless you are playing with medic rules (see war ideas section) most nerf guns (save a few repeating handguns) will be very, very hard to manage. At the end of a knife fight you are likely to be a little fatigued, especially if your opponent was any good. Remember to quickly reload your guns and keep moving, especially when you're outnumbered or split up from your team.

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