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Here are some explanations of ammo.


Standard Darts- these are darts used in Max Force, Cyber Strike, and many other guns. In my wars they are the ammo most likely to be shot and to be shot at with.


Missiles- These are Nerf missiles that work in the double crossbow, NB-1, and missilestorm. They may work in others but none I know of.


Arrows- These are big, long arrows use in most Nerf Bows (Crossbow, Bow n Arrow, Big Bad Bow).


Rip Rockets- These are smaller than standard darts and work in gun like the secret shot, rocketstorm, hidden shot, and many others.


Airzone 6-shooter missiles- I think these only work in the 6-shooter. They are meant to "Spiral" which is kind of awkward but they are light thus launched far easily.


I will update this page as I get more info.

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