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Alright, I have developed what I believe to be a somewhat good hit system with a few extras thrown in. Feel free to tell me whether itís cool or not.

Hits: a hit in any limb means that limb is rendered useless(limp or let your arm just hang there). A hit in the torso or head renders a person incapacitated(don't want to encourage face shots). As of now the type of ammo makes no difference.

Death: Once a person becomes incapacitated they must fall to the ground. Before they hit the ground they should take a deep breath. Then they lie on the ground and hold their breath. They are free to get up as long as their breath is still held and they CAN fire weapons. As long as they are still holding their breath incapacitated team members may talk and move but the second they take a new breath they are dead. If you are shot in an arm/leg while incapacitated treat it normally and if shot in the chest/head you must fall down for 5 seconds immobile, then you can get back up. Also keep in mind that you can't take a new breath if you're shot in the chest people can completely immobilize you by shooting off your limbs (ouch). Which brings me to dead people. Dead people must lie still on the ground. They can breath whenever they want but may not move or talk. Summed up once a person is incapacitated they remain alive as long as they hold their breath. Also they must fall down at first but can get up if they see fit (although this quickens their death). And a final note: try to make it look at least somewhat realistic. If youíre incapacitated and walking act like youíre about to die so that you donít have to explain it to the other team shooting you in your last words. Even if you have to explain to them you still die afterwards anyway because you probably took a breath.

Medical Procedures (only applicable in team games): Each team can have 1 medic. A medic will bring an incapacitated teammate "back to life" after ten seconds of crouching next to the person and having both hands completely free. If a medic is holding a gun in one hand while performing procedures the time is double for healing. Also, death rules still apply while a medic is working. A medic may also recover lost limbs. If a teammate stands or sits still while a medic works on him (with both hands free) he can regenerate a limb in 10 seconds. Same rules of only using one hand apply. Also, medics can only be equipped with pistols. Included weapons are hold out guns and going up to larger sidearms like the Sharpshooter 2 and Six-Shooter. A medic may also have only one gun (although he can carry a dagger). Medics CANNOT use big bad bows, crossbows, rototracks, chainblazers, etcÖ

Non-medic team members can bandage teammates in ten seconds. Bandaging allows a person who has been shot in the chest or head to breathe. They can yell, roll over, and even shoot but they must do so laying down. If they get up they burst their stitches or whatever and have to take another deep breath. Bandaged teammates can be moved or carried by other people but if you drop them too hard or they end up standing/sitting they have burst their stiches. People can be rebandaged in the same time (10 secs). Non-medics can't recover limbs although they can be bandaged restoring minimal functionality. People who have lost 1 leg can use it a little bit when limping. People missing 2 legs can army-crawl, people missing an arm can use it to hold a weapon (not operate a firing mechanism or swing a dagger at somebody), people missing 2 arms can hold items when bandaged. Bandaging a limb takes ten seconds.

Here are a few games

Capture the flag: there can be 2 or more teams. Each team has a flag and their goal is to acquire all flags. This includes their own which means that people can't let their flag be stolen. can be played using several death systems.
A) If you get hit anywhere, you die forever.
B) Multiple hits/lives
C) Respawn system
D) My rules
This game is variable and there are many ways to play it. With more than 2 teams the gameplay is less of a struggle between two teams and more of a backstabbing, tactical, thinking game and is less focused. Also you can play this game with one team defending and the other attacking although you might want to have more people defending.

The Fugitive: one player is the fugitive and he has to survive. Everybody else has to find and kill him within 5 minutes (times can vary due to size of playing fields). The fugitive picks any guns he wants to and so do the hunters. This game is very hiding/sneaking oriented. Of course, if it all hits the fan you have to be able to hold the hunters off for a few minutes. Sniper rifles are good weapons for fugitives. Also, this can be done with teams, one outnumbering the other greatly.

Demolition: There are two teams, one is inside a house and the other comes in from outside. The entering team has to plant a bomb at or near a designated spot. The timer is set for a minute and 30 seconds and can be disarmed by the defending team. That means the attacking team has to defend/hide it until the last moment, at which point they have to get out and be 50 ft. away from the house when it detonates. Synchronizing a watch to the timer helps. Also this can be done with two targets, one for each team. Then it is kind of like capture the flag except a little different. Hostage rescue: An interesting game where one team is the terrorists and the other is the Counter-Terrorists/SWAT team. The terrorists have hostages and their goal is to kill all CTs without killing hostages. Terrorists can only have sidearms but can carry as many as they want. Point system is as follows for terrorists: 1 point for killing off all CTs, 1 point for each hostage alive at the end of the round if they win, and 3 points for each CT captured. The Counter-Terrorists have to rescue the hostages and can carry as many of each weapon as they want. Point system is as follows: 1 point for killing all terrorists, 2 points for each hostage rescued (Taken to an extraction zone at the other end of the battlefield), and 3 points for capturing a Terrorist. You probably are wondering how do you capture somebody? Get them to run out of ammo for all their weapons and then keep them alive until the end of the round. It's tricky, and that's why it's worth so many points. If they aren't out of ammo, they'll either fight or shoot themselves. Play this game if you have not enough guns and too many people (or little cousins :-).

Duel Tournament: Another game if you have not enough guns. Start a pyramid-type ladder (on paper) and assign everybody a dueling partner for the starting round. The duelers should have identical weapons with equal ammo load, or they can have whatever they want if you are short on guns or want to express individuality :-P. Knives can be carried for backup. The people fight to the death and the winner is recorded. All other duels commence and the winners of the first round fight each other in duels, weeding out even more people. Continue this until a tournament winner is determined. If there is an odd number of people, you can do 2 things:
A) have him sit out
B) have a 3 person fight at the start. Make sure the other players don't mind.
This is a good party game and also good if fighting over something. Heheh.

Espionage: An interesting deviation from normal wars. I advise at least 6 people to play. One or two people (maybe more if you have a LOT of people) are the agents. They must infiltrate a structure and complete an objective of some type. The objective can be to do something on a computer, set a "bomb," or something along those lines. The agents are armed with pistols, preferably repeating. The guards are all non-agent players. They can be armed with anything. A guard can't shoot an agent unless he aims a gun at a guard or has fired on a guard. Also shooting of the agent is justified if he resists arrest for more than 15 seconds while standing still or attempts to physically assault a guard (knock him out of the way). After neutralizing a suspect, it is the responsibility of the guard to call in a medic. If the guard doesn't attempt to reach a medic the agent can testify and if he "fakes" looking for one his teammates can & should testify against him. After an agent is healed by the enemy medic he must go to prison. No doors can be locked. Jail is (obviously) where the guards keep their prisoners. Agents can have their visible weapons taken, but pocket pistols MAY be concealable as long as the guards can't tell you have them. It is up to the agent or his teammates to break him out. Likewise, an agent can be "shot while trying to escape." If guards make an infraction of the rules you can either make the whole team forfeit or reverse the act such as killing an agent when he is unarmed and sitting in jail. In larger games the agents can have a 'mole' that is only known to them & the mole. A mole is double agent that can work for the agents when they need a little extra help from the inside. Keep in mind that if he is caught doing something suspicious he can be arrested as well. This game is tricky to pull off but can be great fun.

And thatís all I have for now, I will revise the rules and add more wars as I see fit.

My first user-submitted war idea.

The game is called Aliens. It is played with 5-7 people at night in any old building, preferably one with exits on all levels. There are 2 teams: the Troopers, and the Aliens. The game is best if played 3 on 3, though if there are 5 or 7 people, have one more trooper than alien. Anyway, the game starts with the aliens running off and hiding. The troopers wait a minute or two. Then, they go look for the aliens. The game can be played with or without flashlights, but the game is always played in the dark (it's freeker without flashlights, but be sure that you at least have a nightlight with a blanket over it.) Once the troopers find an alien, they have to shoot it. If an alien is shot, he/she goes down for thirty seconds and comes up as a trooper. If the alien tags a trooper, the trooper goes down for thirty seconds and becomes an alien. The objective for the aliens is to capture everybody. The objective for the troopers is to capture all the aliens. Each side has it's advantages. As the troopers, you have Nerf guns and sometimes flashlights, depending on how you play. However, it's a good idea to remain in groups of at least 2. And, the troopers have to always be on the move, otherwise the game would get boring. As the aliens, you have to find a hiding spot where you can easily tag someone. The aliens must rely on stealth. They have no guns or flashlights. But, their main advantage is that they can leave the building and come in another enterance. The troopers cannot follow them outside. For guns, you don't need any fancy Wildfires. In fact, a Wildfire would be a bit cheap. The gun does not need much of a range, because you're usually 2 feet away from your target. You don't need a high rate of fire, because that is totally cheap. I recommend a gun like the Lock'n Load, or SecretShot II.


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