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"May the best gun win," Unknown


On this section of my page I compare similar weapons that may seem equal to the superficial eye. They may end up equal. It all depends. Most comparisons will be of an older weapon with itís newer equivalent. The format is self-explanatory, so now I will begin with . . . .


Modified Crossbow Vs. Modded Big Bad Bow


Round 1: Range

BBB: Has very good range and even better when modified to shoot mini-darts.

Crossbow: Fires Darts and arrows a little farther than the BBB also fires laramis and mini-darts.

Outcome: Modded Crossbow wins.

Round 2: Accuracy

BBB: Very accurate with arrows, some accuracy is lost with darts.

Crossbow: Very accurate with arrows, a little accuracy lost with darts but not much.

Outcome: Tie slightly favoring crossbow.

Round 3: Rate of Fire/Ammo load

BBB: Loads pretty fast and you can carry a whole lot of mini-darts.

Crossbow: Loads just a little slower and fires any darts although mini-darts donít work as well.

Outcome: Tie

Round 4: Size

BBB: Small without bow extensions and a carrying strap is fairly easy to make.

Crossbow: Slightly larger without bow extensions but also is easy to make a carrying strap for.

Outcome: BBB wins.

Conclusion: If you want a little more portability (not to mention availability) and compact ammo bring a BBB. For better range and ability to shoot near any ammo a modded crossbow is good.

Personal preference: In general I use my modded crossbow because it shoots about 95% of the ammo that will be coming at you and I have made a duct tape carrying strap and attached a light very nicely which comes in handy a lot. Not to say these things canít be done with a BBB, but the crossbow fits them so well.


Chainblazer Vs. Rototrack


Round 1: Range


Chainblazer: Good range with standard darts & laramis.
Rototrack: Less range than the chainblazer but still fires both darts pretty good.


Outcome: Chainblazer wins


Round 2: Accuracy


Chainblazer: decent accuracy if you fire partway and then finish.
Rototrack: decent accuracy if fired as above.

Outcome: Tie


Round 3: Ammo Load/Rate of fire


Chainblazer: Comes with 8, can be fired pretty fast.
Rototrack: Comes with 12, can be fired a little faster than chainblazer.


Outcome: Rototrack wins.


Round 4: Size


Chainblazer: Small, somewhat tricky to holster/strap on.

Rototrack: Slightly larger, clips pretty good onto belts.


Outcome: Tie.



Conclusion: Chainblazer is better for outdoors and longer range, rototrack is more useful in close-quarters.

Personal Preference: I prefer the chainblazer because it has better range and you donít really need a better rate of fire than that.