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The Nerf RPG

This is a simple RPG about nerf Wars. I will not go into much detail as to keep this simple. For those of you who are new to Role Playing Games I hope to soon talk about that also but for now the simple RPG. In this RPG you will play a Nerf warrior. You may either just have single battles or a campaign. Single battles are just plain combat. Campaigns are where you manage money and buy your guns and ammo not to mention supplies for modifying. You can play this having created your own team or with just one character. Now I talk about a few things here.

Ranges: For the sake of keeping it simple I will have 4 ranges Long range (modified crossbow range), Medium range (Chainblazer and rototrack range), Short range (Sawtooth and autogrip range), and point blank (canít miss unless enemy makes successful frantic no ammo point blank swatting roll which will always be 30%. Also dagger and sword range). You can improve the range of your gun by arcing your fire (modified crossbow uses insane range category). This considerably decreases your accuracy (-40%).

Shooting, hitting, rolling, that kind of stuff: actual encounters with enemies are turn based. Base accuracy for all ranges is (in percent) Point blank: no miss unless gun is parried, Short range 30%, Medium range 20%, Long range 10%. Note, these are pretty much worthless because they are modified by the gun you use and the skill points you have distributed. After you hit somebody roll 1D10 where from 8-10 is a sure kill and the rest is a missing limb (roll 1d4 to determine 1= left arm 2= right arm 3= left leg 4= right leg). If an enemy is closer than your gunís range with non-arced fire you get a 20% bonus for each range the enemy is closer. Therefore with a heavily modified crossbow at short range you would have a 40% bonus (cool huh). At point blank with a dagger or sword you and your opposition will roll 1D10. The highest roll either blocks (If using gun against dagger wielder), chops off a limb (if using dagger and roll is one higher than opponent. Roll 1D4 while 1 is left arm, 2 is right arm, 3 is left leg, and 4 is right leg.), if you roll 3 or more higher than the opponent and use a dagger he is dead. I plan to cover sword-to-sword combat in more detail later but for now use pretty much the same rules except if rolls are within 3 numbers you both block each otherís attack.

Movement: assume that somebody can move one range closer or farther while keeping low which is done most of the time and 2 while sprinting with a +20% accuracy for the attacker. You can jog at the same rate you can run while keeping low but you are 20% more likely to be hit. Walking while keeping low is twice as slow as running while keeping low. This is modified by how many guns you carry.

Chance to get hit: Self explanatory. A person standing up has a +20% chance to buy the farm. A person keeping low has no modifiers. Somebody behind cover but looking around the side or top to aim has a Ė40% hit modifier. Somebody completely behind cover has a 5% chance of being hit period from any range.

Carrying stuff: You can normally carry one gun without becoming slower. For each point (holdout is 0 points, pistol size gun is 1 point, medium or SMG size is 1 Ĺ and rifle is 2 points) beyond 2 every movement skill is shortened in length. The game master should use his reasoning to determine encumbrance and as a base somebody with 4 points of You must also collect ammo. Average rate for small projectiles like small missiles, darts, and balls is one per 2 turns. Arrows and other large ammunition is 1 per turn.

Modifications: Some Nerf Guns just donít make the cut normally (Like the SS2) and we modify them. The simplest way of modifying cocking guns is by putting rubber bands on them. Anybody can do that and it is one of the most effective ways of enhancing Nerf Guns. Machine-gunners wonít use this method often because they use rapid fire guns. Anybody can loop a few rubber bands. The amount of rubber Bands required can be simply based on experience. Also when ridiculous amounts of rubber bands are placed on a gun start having darts get their sides blown out (It happens). Lets say 12 and thatís the limit. For each 6 rubber bands the range increases one category. Internal modifications on weapons will generally increase the weaponís accuracy 10% and can only be done once successfully.

Skills: These modify how good you are at certain things. This represents training and experience. Each skill starts at 0, which is base skill. You have 10 point to distribute and you may take away from your skills, making you worse than average. You can increase or reduce the skill points allowed depending on how good or bad your character needs to be. Maximum points on a skill is 12.

Shooting skill: this represents your aim and knowledge of how to use guns most effectively. For each point of shooting skill you aim is 5% better. For each point below average you get Ė5%. At 6 skill points on this your kill roll becomes 7-10 instead of 8-10. At 10 it becomes 4-10. At 12 3-10.

Combat skill: this is your ability to actually fight with nerf guns. Your skill at managing more guns at a time as well as using cover to your advantage in combat. For each point on this skill you can use cover 5% better and when 4 points are on this skill you can carry a rifle and a pistol without being slowed down. When 8 you can carry two rifles without any trouble (hehe if you can figure out how). Also your chance to see and extra place of cover is increased by 5% for each level (base is 40% for cover). Besides all of this you can reload twice as fast as normal when 6 points are on this skill and you collect 1 extra dart per turn.

Stealth, sneaking, hiding, tracking, and camouflage: This is your ability to remain undetected and detect others(I know what youíre thinking but try finding somebody who is a grave threat to you in dense underbrush). By knowing about how peopleís eyes see things and what colors stick out, you know how to remain undetected better than most. For every point of this you are 5% less likely to be seen or heard and 5% more likely to spot somebody not in plain view. This skill is mostly effective in woods where thereís plenty of twigs and brush to make noise with and hide behind. Not to mention climbing trees. When 5 points are on this skill you get an extra 10% bonus to both hiding and finding which is added to the normal 5%s. Reflex: In any encounter where both combatants see each other at about the same time roll 1D6 and add the reflex skill to it. The winner shoots first.

Base percentages are as follows.

Percent to be found in dense woods: Long range 40%, Medium range 60%, Short range 80%, Point blank 95%.

Percentages to find are the same and also follow skills of the hider and searcher. I.E. above average hiders subtract their extra skill from your chance to notice them.

Physical endurance: this is basically how good you are at physical stuff like running and climbing. Points on this while running away are mostly determined by the speed of the chaser compared to the runner. People with 5 points or more can climb trees of medium size in 1 turn. They can climb larger trees in 2 turns. These people also are (at the Game masterís discretion) more likely to come out quicker from things like falls and less likely to trip and such. Iíll have no tripping system just make one up as you go.

Knowledge of Nerf Guns: For Each point on this skill your chance to improve a gun (not to mention put it back together) by opening it up. Therefore, while the base chance to improve a gun by opening it is 3 out of 10 (roll die) and a 1 means critical failure (not knowing how to put the gun back together) with each point of the skill you are 1/10 more likely to succeed and by 4 points you cannot have a critical failure.

Medics: in team games, each team can have one or more medic. A medic can save somebody within 6 turns of when they die. Medical procedures take 2 turns. They can also recover lost limbs in 2 turns. Also medics only carry pistols, and one pistol at that.

Weapons: Here the Weapons are divided into size categories where pistols are 1 carrying point, rifles are two, and Medium size weapons are 1 Ĺ. I will generalize single shot pistols to about like a lock Ďn load because there are tons of them.

Small Arms(1 carry pt.)

Generic Single shot pistol:

Range: Medium

Ammo Type: Choose pistol that shoots Rip Rockets or Standard Darts.

Ammo Capacity: 3, one in barrel and two held on side holders.

Accuracy: -5% (Rubber band Job 0% + opened up 5%)

Rate of Fire: 1 shot per turn

Reload Time: 1 turn.

Price: $8

Special: Can be modified at 6/10 base chance to be the size of a Last Chance gun.(Reminder: only takes one point so you can carry 2 without trouble)

Small, Last-Chance gun:

Range: Short

Ammo Type: Standard or Rip Rocket darts.

Ammo Capacity: 3, same as generic pistol.

Accuracy: -5%(0% rubber band job +opened up 5%)

Rate of Fire: 1 shot Per turn

Reload Time: 1 turn

Price: $6

Special: It takes no carry points so why not?

Airzone Six-shooter:

Range: Medium

Ammo Type: rip rockets.

Ammo Capacity: 6 darts

Accuracy: -10%

Rate of fire: up to 2 shots per turn.

Reload time: 2 darts in 1 turn/

Price: $10

Special: holds six shots and fires semi-auto.


Range: Medium

Ammo type: rip rockets

Ammo Capacity: 10 darts (duh)

Accuracy: -10%

Rate of fire: 1 shot per turn.

Reload: 2 missiles in 1 turn.

Price: $12

Special: Holds 10 semi-auto.

Sharpshooter 2:

Range: Short (Long w/ rubber band job)

Ammo Type: Standard darts.

Ammo Capacity: 4, 2 barrels switched by selector and 2 in holder.

Accuracy: 0 (Rubber band job 5%)

Rate of Fire: 1 per turn with extra shot if fired upon.

Reload Time: 1 dart per turn

Price: $16

Special: Hmmmm . . .

Manta Ray

Range: Short (medium with rubber band job and opened up)

Ammo Type: Standard Darts

Ammo Capacity: 2 sets with each holding up to 2 darts.

Accuracy: +10% (15% opened up + rubber band job 20%)

Rate of Fire: 1 shot of 2 darts or 1 shot of 4 darts (accuracy +10%)

Reload Time: 2 darts per turn

Price: $18

Special: The shotgun of Nerf. Ė10% chance to hit for attackers.

Medium Arms(1 Ĺ carry Pts.)


Range: Medium

Ammo Type: Standard Darts

Ammo Capacity: 8 normally in chain holds most lengths accepted.

Accuracy: -10% (-5% opened up)

Rate of fire: up to 3 per turn.

Reload Time 2 darts per turn.

Price: $18

Special: Semi-auto can replace chain in one turn.


Range: Medium

Ammo Type: Standard Darts

Ammo Capacity: 12 usually chain interchangeable with chainblazer &


Accuracy: -20% (-15% if opened up)

Rate of fire: up to 4 per turn

Reload: 2 darts per turn

Price: $18

Special: Semi-auto can replace chain in one turn.

Defender T-3

Range: Medium(bow), Short (pistol)

Ammo type: Standard darts & arrows.

Ammo Capacity: 3 in pistol and 2 arrows.

Accuracy: -5% pistol, 0% arrow gun.

Rate of fire: 1 dart and 1 arrow per turn.

Reload: 1 dart or one arrow per turn.

Price: $30

Special: splits into a pistol and a bow combines into a crossbow type thing. Single shot.

Cut-Down & modified Bow & Arrow

Range: Long

Ammo type: Arrows & rip rockets

Ammo capacity: 3 arrows

Accuracy: +5%

Rate of fire: 1 arrow or dart per turn

Reload: 1 per turn

Price: $5 (garage sale)

Special: the first nerf gun, can still hold itís own but somewhat outdated. Single shot.


Range: Long

Ammo type: Arrows & standard darts.

Ammo Capacity: 6

Accuracy: +0%

Rate of fire: up to 3 shots per turn.

Reload: 1 arrow or two darts per turn

Price: $20

Large Arms:


Range: Medium

Ammo Type: every dart and arrows

Ammo Capacity: 9

Accuracy: +10%

Rate of fire: one shot per turn.

Reload: 1 per turn

Price: $20

Special: Modification attempts are at plus 5/10 and increase range by one category and add 10% accuracy. 12 rubber bands add 10% accuracy. Single shot.

Big Bad Bow

Range: Long

Ammo Type: rip rockets and arrows

Ammo capacity: 3 arrows.

Accuracy: +10%

Rate of fire: 1 per turn

Reload: 1 per turn

Price: $20

Special: simple mod allows rip rocket shooting. Single shot.


Range: Medium

Ammo: rip rockets

Capacity: 20

Accuracy: -10%

ROF: 10 max per turn.

Reload: 2 darts per turn.

Price: $30

Special: The ultimate uzi of nerf.

Larami 2500

Range: long

Ammo: laramis

Capacity: 8

Accuracy: -5%

ROF: 1 per turn

Reload: 2 darts per turn

Price: $20

Special: good all-around gun. Semi-auto with pumping.


Range: medium

Ammo: balls

Capacity: 20

Accuracy: -15%

ROF: 3 per turn.

Reload: 2 balls per turn.

Price: $20

Special: Vicious semi-auto close-range weapon with LOTS of ammo.


Range: medium

Ammo: Standard darts

Capacity: 15-unlimited (over 50 must use a box)

Accuracy: -10%

ROF: 5 per turn

Reload: 2 per turn.

Price: $20

Special: takes 3 points good base defense.

Okay, I suppose you want me to explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up. I will do a basic character and take him through a battle.

Name: Crazy bob

Shoot: 4 points (+20%)

Combat: 4 points (can carry rifle and pistol)

Phys: 0

S.S.H.T: 2

Know: 0

Reflex: 0

Starting money: 50$

-$8 for Single shot pistol (standard darts accuracy +15%)

-$20 for Larami 2500 (accuracy +15%)

Money: $22

Since Bob doesnít know much about the inner working of nerf guns heís just buying guns that are good unmodified. Heís set up with a team of Vets and should do fine. Unfortunately the other team is vets also. Letís see what happens in a war.

Bob and his teammates find themselves at the opposite side of the woods from their opponents. The timer that the pointman is carrying goes off and the war has begun. Bob takes up a middle position and follows. As they are progressing through the woods (roll percent 70-40 (the skill of the hider) = 30%. Bob rolls 27%. Lucky him) Bob notices rustling in the woods and yells out to the pointman who missed him. Then a kamikaze soldier with a ballzooka opens up on his team and bob (rolls below 60% for finding cover) dives behind a bush and opens fire. At this point combat begins. All of bobís teammates are behind cover and the kamikaze is out in the open firing. Bob gets the first shot and fires (roll percent medium range 20% + weapon, skill, and range bonus 35% is 55% chance to hit + shooter standing = 75%) hitting the kamikaze in the (1D10 result 10) head. The kamikaze goes down screaming. Bobís teammates congratulate him and then suddenly the whole other team comes from behind, killing off 3 of bobís 8 teammates. Bob sprints away as a wildfire-wielder runs at him. At this point bob is split up from the rest of his team. He looks around and sees a climbable tree. He climbs up into the highest branches as quickly as possible and then prepares to open fire. A member of the other team has followed him. Unfortunately, he has a modified crossbow. He fires up at bob from long range (10% base plus 60% skill = 70%) and hits bob in the (1D10) (1D4) Left arm. Bob loses his balance from the impact of the hit and loses his Larami 2500. He pulls out his dart pistol and readies it, trying to figure out a way down. The enemy moves in. Bob leaps from the tree and plummets to the ground, fortunately he lands in a bush. Unfortunately, the enemy soldier has his crossbow pointed right at bob. Bob drops his weapon and puts his hand up. Then bobís opponent falls down dead. His team medic had come up on him from behind. The medic heals bobís arm and he recovers his weaponry. Then they meet up with the rest of the team for a final assault. Bobís team had 4 out of the original 8. The enemy had 3. They staged an ambush using the pointman as bait. The war is no match with the enemies out in the open and Bobís team is victorious.

Now, After the war, Bob gets something called experience. He gets one point if he survives, another point if he gets a kill and no more no matter how many he gets. Therefore bob gets 2 points to distribute among his skills. You can see I didnít include all the gory details in some scenes and at the game masterís decision combat can happen that way if one team is by far outnumbering the other (I.E. modded crossbow and arrowstorm against sawtooth). Also for a successful war he earns $10.

Modifying supplies: letís say for simplicity that you can get all the rubber bands you could ever use for $10. Duct tape is $2. Replacement gun parts are $5 each. More powerful springs (+10% accuracy) are $5.

To finish this up (I know Iím forgetting something though) I will say this. A large amount of this game should be more dictated by the game master. Rules are only for when common sense fails. For example, a ten-point tracker is hiding in the woods. A Ė5 point tracker walks by him. You could probably just say that the 10 point tracker would never be found by the other guy.