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So, you want better guns eh? First let me remind you that if your gun breaks or you hurt somebody with it, itís a liability. In short, itís your fault if you screw up your gun with info off my page or injure somebody with your gun, so modify at your own risk!


Enough legal stuff, down to business. First of all on about any gun you can open it up and stretch out the firing spring one pair of coils at a time. This ensures you actually stretch out the spring instead of just pulling on it. Also on any gun that fires by means of a cocking mechanism you can loop industrial strength rubber bands through the eye of the cocker and then put them around a point on the gun. This pushes the cocker forward with more force and if you add enough rubber bands:

    1. Youíre gonna have trouble cocking that thing.
    2. That ammoís really gonna fly.

I think the downside of this is worth it until you reach 20 or so rubber bands, Iíve never tried that but it must be nearly uncockable.

Also on any Nerf bow (except crossbow and maybe double crossbow) you can saw off the last ĺ of the barrel to make it shoot darts. If you do this to the double crossbow it might shoot rip rockets (I donít know). Also in general if there are holes in the barrel of a gun tape over them because they release air pressure. Now for some specific modifications.



This gun isnít that great unmodified but if you soup it up, be careful not to blast somebody too close (mercy kills can be in effect). First of all, you may have seen an alternate method of looping rubber bands around the cocker. I used this at first but started losing a rubber band or 2 every 5 times I fired. You can tie rubber bands together so they hold a little longer after they break. I also tried reinforcing my cocker with aluminum strips when I started to bend the cocker with so many rubber bands. I glued them on with apoxy and let the glue set for at least 16 hours but when I fired with all of my rubber bands, 1 strip got crumpled and stuck inside my gun and the other disappeared. My gun was kind of unsafe to fire then because the aluminum strips might have damaged something if I hadnít fixed it.

Okay, here comes the modification. First You pull off the bow (It should snap off and also snap back on), lay the gun on itís side, and take out all the screws. If you see no screws, your looking at the wrong side (duh). Then remove the side of the gun you just took the screws out of. Welcome to the wonderful world of the crossbow. As you can see, itís very simple inside. Notice the long tube going from the air chamber to the barrel. Take the tube out and remove the spring (NOT the firing spring). Now pull the cocker out of the air chamber (I found my other aluminum strip stuck in here) and stretch the spring. Then put the cocker back in the air chamber and cut the tube you took the spring out of down to an inch (A large pair of scissors will do the job). Donít worry if you think you cut it too short, you have plenty of tries. Then reconnect the inch-long tube to the barrel and the air chamber. Say "Where the @#*&$ does this thing go!" Out the front of the gun (Note: you canít put the yellow cover that was there back on but oh well). Put everything except the yellow tube and the yellow cover back together and your crossbow should look a little like this.

If it doesnít, you misinterpreted my instructions.

Sharpshooter 2

This gun has Quite a few mods. I will list a few but user-submitted stuff would be nice (hint). Okay, I have modified my SS2 so much it isnít vaguely funny. First I opened it up and stretched out the spring. I took off the green handle thing because it slid around too much (firing will jerk the selector around regardless of what you do generally). I also removed the ammo holder because it got in the way and I carry a bandoleer with this gun. While the gun is open you can supposedly remove the selector (green thing inside the gun connecting the air chamber to the barrel) and tape the barrels to the air chamber with duct tape. I have never tried this mod because the Modified SS2 demands respect from bigger guns due to the extra "Back the heck off" dart that you can have when it isnít shotgunned. However itís up to you. Either way I recommend 12 or more huge rubber bands on your SS2 because it makes one heck of a powerful pistol and itís awesome. You may begin to blow holes in your darts, in which case make sure the suction cup is secure (it occasionally blows out there) and look for slits in the sides of the darts and tape them (because they release 100% of the air pressure).


I just figured out a really useful modification that works on just about any gun. If you often fight in low-light situations (dark) I often like to sneak around but this light modification is really cool. If you have a modified crossbow the place where the barrel used to be is perfect for using a mini maglite AA (which is what I used). I had to put duct tape going lengthwise down the flashlight at one end to increase itís snugness. Then it was too tight so I loosened the screw there. The flashlight is also pretty good to look at for aiming purposes (Mine however targets to the right a little (making the gun shoot to the left when aimed)). Itís also really easy to aim by where the light is (although I still have to do up/down compensation). On my SS2 I got an empty toilet paper roll and cut down itís length. Then I cut off some of it (making it a little thinner) and wrapped it around the flashlight, securing it with duct tape and taping it between the two barrels. This is especially cool because the darts usually hit within the radius of where my light is. And on either one you can easily remove the flashlight for other things. I use the AA mini maglites because they fit better, they give the gun weight officially making it manly, and itís all I found laying around(No. 1 reason). Not only does this infinitely useful mod provide light and quick, easy aiming in the dark, it looks cool too.

This is all I have right now, I will accept user-submitted modifications (I accept just about anything user-submitted (foam warfare-related) so send some stuff in).

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