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"You have guns, but like food, some combinations are good and some work about as well together as Maple syrup and potato chips." I have so few quotes I must resort to something I made up on the spot.


Here are some combinations of weapons for Nerf warriors. I will start with combos that can handle most any situation even though all combos should. You canít rely on your teammates because if they go down, then you go down unless you are prepared (pardon the hinting at the boyscout motto).

One-Man Army

Primary: Modded crossbow or BBB.

Secondary: Wildfire

Backup: 2 MSS2s or airzone 6/10 shooters

Simply put, this guy can take out teams and can fill any role. He carries long range accuracy, deadly close to medium range firepower, and reliable backup. Unfortunately he is very slow compared to lightly equipped soldiers but he doesnít care.


Primary: Rototrack/chainblazer

Secondary: Airzone 10 shooter

Backup: Wildfire or ballguns.

The ambusher lies in wait for somebody to walk into his trap. Then he expends all his Wildfire/ballgun ammo. He doesnít need accuracy or range because he only fight in close range. For the people who have no skill and no guts.


Primary: 2 lockín loads or SS2s

Backup: manta ray

The scout doesnít like to carry many guns and relies on his speed and skill to survive. Another acceptable combo in close quarters would be 2 airzone 6/10 shooters.


Team Combos


Primary: modded crossbow or BBB.

Secondary: Ratchetblast

Backup: Lockín load

The sniper tries to nail people from a distance, but if things get out of hand he can use his ratchetblast at close range. Also a stripped-down lockín load makes my holdout gun of choice. A MSS2 would be an appropriate secondary replacement although slightly changing the balance of this combo.

Point Man/Scout

Primary: 2 pistols or Supermaxx 1500

The point man or scout needs mobility for capturing the flag or finding the enemy. 2 pistols while being lighter than a standard gun offer a little extra firepower as does the SM 1500. An alternate combo is a modified crossbow or big bad bow with a lockín load.


Primary: chainblazer or Larami 2500

Secondary: Lockín load or SS2

The common soldier carries a well-balanced amount of guns. He has firepower for close and medium range, he is mobile, also carries a sidearm for emergencies such as ammo shortages, gun malfunction, etc. Soldiers are however somewhat diverse and some my be slightly more centered on close or long range fighting. However regardless of slight changes soldiers should have repeaters for their primary and a sidearm with decent range almost exclusively single shot. A repeating sidearm while rare and even rarer for those who donít have a clue what airzone is would work ok. However, I wouldnít really advise using a rachetblast because it is bulky and doesnít have good range. Likewise SS2s (secret shot 2 or Sharp shooter 2) are a balance.


Primary: Chaingun with lots of ammo

Secondary: Modded SS2

Backup: Lockín Load

This guy loves guns. He loves to shoot and doesnít like to wait between shots so he gets LOTS of ammo and chains. Putting them in a box can work well although then he has to do a brief setup first. Having a razorbeast with somebody feeding the chain can yield excellent results. This guy needs good sidearms though because malfunctions can happen and he needs a defense. Also a wildfire or ballgun would work but reload times are BAD, although creating a speed loader for the wildfire can help A LITTLE. Recently after I have modded my Ripsaw I've noticed that it would make a rather useful close-quarters machine gun. What I did was saw off the tab that prevents the ripsaw from being full-auto and sawed off the lip of the loading tube. Then I taped a funnel on. Currently I have a fairly small funnel and can only fire 6-round bursts, but reload is a snap. Simply take a tennis ball container or something and load it with balls. Then all you have to do is dump it in and rev that beast up. I say it's good for close-quarters because range and accuracy aren't very good, however the gun is quite compact. Sort of an MP5-PDW equivelent.


I normally use a Modded crossbow and the rare airzone 6-shooter (it fits nicely into a duct-tape roll holster). This way I have long range firepower and a repeating sidearm for close quarters. The reason I donít use a 10 shooter is because I donít have a holster that works for it and the ten shooter has some bright colors on it. No good if you are trying to remain unseen. Also I have a lock'n load which is a good-range accurate backup weapon.