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"This is what you fight with,"

Iím sure somebody has said this


Here are all the weapons Iíve used or own and reviews.


Hidden Shot- This is an interesting little gun with fair range, not much power, and the ability to fit it into your pocket. As a last-ditch or hide-in-the-fort-wimp gun Itís pretty good. It shoots 3 rip rockets


Secret Shot- This pistol is pretty cool. It has excellent range, enough power, and a barrel in the handle (Only useful for concealing ammo because you canít aim it). Fires 3 rip rockets.


Airzone Six-Shooter- I havenít seen this gun reviewed on any other page oddly enough. This is a small pistol with okay range that shoots 6 small missiles semi-auto. I recently learned that mini-darts work much better adding range and accuracy. Itís a really good indoor gun and if itís not worth anything else, it has excellent cover fire. This shoots 6 missile-like things which I donít think are compatible with Nerf missile shooters or mini-darts (recommended).

Sharpshooter 2- Unmodified this gun isnít much but when you slap a few rubber bands on it watch out! This is my second favorite gun. However, if you buy it, you must modify it or it isnít very good. Fires 4 Standard darts.


Lockín Load- Once again I got surprised by how Nerf is making decent guns now. The Lockín Load might have just been a crappy pistol capitalizing on itís fun-to-fire mechanism. Instead, Nerf gave it some range and I like mine a lot. Fires 3 standard darts.


Rattler- A 4 barreled dart shooter (semi-auto). I would like this gun a lot more if it didnít fire darts horribly after a few days and reject taped darts. It fires 4 standard darts.


Ratchetblast- Another 4 barreled dart-shooter that has better aiming, less range, and optional one-handed firing. Good Sidearm for snipers with crossbows or BBBs.


Defender T3- This is actually kind of Nerfís idea of reselling a generic dart pistol and their bow and arrow which can combine to something like the crossbow. I think I would like this gun more if I heavily modified it but I think itís pretty good unmodified. It fires 3 standard darts and 2 arrows.


Manta Ray- This is the shotgun of Nerf. I like it for close range because itís really easy to hit another person so you donít have to concentrate on aiming as much. It fires 4 standard darts.

Supermaxx 1500- This is another 4 barreled dart shooter that you pump up 2-4 times (I do more if I want maximum power, must be my copy of it) and rotate the barrel by hand. This gun has good range and decent rate of fire. Only problem is that it shoots the somewhat less common Supermaxx darts. I recommend it for snipers who need to travel light(if you have the space bring a more accurate gun like the BBB or crossbow) or flag capturers who don't want to get into big fights but need compact firepower to take out guards or pursuers. It shoots 4 Supermaxx darts (comes with 6).


Chainblazer- This is a repeating gun that fires by means of a rotating chain. This gun is excellent. I have had little to no jamming problems and it has good range. It fires 8 standard darts.


Ripsaw- A 3 shot semi-auto ball shooter. However, after I modified it it holds 6 at a time (in bursts) and is fully automatic. Very dangerous in close quarters and easy to reload. It fires 3 balls.


Roto-Track- The chainblazerís psychotic brother. This is similar to the chainblazer but it straps to your arm and has 12 shots instead of 8. I like this gun because I can strap it to my belt. It fires 12 standard darts.


Ballzooka- This is a rapid-fire guns that comes with 10 balls but holds up to 15. This gun is awesome in close range combat because you almost never run out of ammo. I believe this is unfortunately discontinued. It fires up to 15 balls.


Arrowstorm- A 6 shot rapid-fire arrow gun. I wish I had one of these. The arrowstorm has great range and pretty good accuracy. I think this is also discontinued (DARN!). It fires 6 arrows.


Sawtooth- A gun that comes with 2 clips each holding 5 darts. I first saw a copy of this gun that worked quite well and bought one only to find that mine didnít shoot very well. I still have this gun and am hoping thereís a way to redeem it. It fires 10 standard darts.


Rip-Chord- A 5 shot gun fired and cocked by pulling cords. The first night I got this gun it worked incredibly. Then the second day I had it it stopped firing well. I took it back and refunded it. I donít know if I just got a bad copy or what. It fires 5 rip rockets.

Crossbow- A large single-shot weapon. This gun is okay unmodified but modified, it is awesome! Iíve heard this gun is discontinued so if you see one and donít have one get it. It fires 4 standard darts and 2 arrows.


Razorbeast- A 15-shot rapid-fire total annihilation gun. My copy of this gun shoots pretty far. It doesnít jam at all (just like the chainblazer and roto-track) if you fire partway and then finish (in-short KA-CHUNK! (repeat 14 times)). This fires 15 standard darts but good luck reloading it.

Big Bad Bow- Ugh, the name. However, this gun can compete with my modified crossbow in range and power. Compete, but it will never win (heheh). It doesnít shoot darts but you can modify it to. I donít think you can modify it quite as much as the crossbow. I still like my modified crossbow better but this is definitely a sign that nerf is getting a clue. Fires 3 arrows.

Wildfire- This is a full auto gun that you pump up and shoot 20 darts in 3-5 seconds. The range is good. Slightly hefty price tag but you can take out a team with this gun. Expensive for a Nerf gun at $30 but worth every penny. Read the quick war story about this gun on the War Story Page. Fires 20 micro darts comes with 21.


Blowgun: this is a homemade gun crafted from a plastic PVC pipe that fits Supermaxx darts. Pretty self explanatory. If you have lots of hot air (which I do) you get very good(modified crossbow) range and accuracy. However I think the length affects both of those. Longer is better. Also this is a highly skill-oriented gun and you can't use it while running or when you're out of breath. You have to know how to use it properly but if you do it is an AWESOME sniper weapon because of reliability, range, accuracy, and it's pretty quiet so they won't know exactly where you are. Get this gun it costs 6.99 and sure beats those little hold-out guns. It shoots however many laramis you can carry and can fire multiple darts at a time creating a shotgun spread depending on how much you move the barrel.


Airzone Ten Shooter: This is one of the few semi-auto pistols in the foam world. From what I've seen airzone doesn't specialize in range and the arrows that come with these suck, but mini-darts work pretty well. That is, the red ones. I tried hidden shot ones and they don't really work. Pretty compact, decent range, and excellent rate of fire. A very good gun w/ "mini darts". Shoots ten arrows or mini darts (duh). Also pretty accurate w/ darts.


I will expand this page as I get more info, use out of my guns, guns, and pictures.

Supermaxx 5000- Looked like a 'shoots all ammo' gimmick, and that's what it was (for about 15 minutes) until I modified it. Then it gets good range with regular darts and rip rockets, still not great with arrows though. Definately a sniper weapon to look for, although it's kind of tricky to aim. Nevertheless, it's more than welcome in my arsenal, right up there with the x-bow and BBB. Has to be modified though.


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