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"Did you hear about the time . . ."

-Iím Positive somebody said this!


These are tales of warriors doing the impossible (or maybe not) all for glory, honor, and embarrassing the heck out of their foes (or maybe not).


Iíll start off with my own. I call it "A friendly War."


II was at my friends house and we were having a 3 vs 3 indoor nerf war. I was equipped with my modified crossbow and modified SS2. I was a sniper while my 2 teammates had a ballzooka and (gag) my ripsaw. I took the high ground up on a balcony type place, leaving my cocked SS2 within easy reach in case somebody came up the spiral staircase. The rest of the people were slugging it out below using couches for cover. Muahahaha. I looked over the rail and took careful aim at a member of the other team who was hiding behind a couch. I fired and killed him. Then my teammate with the ripsaw went down (he had wounded the guy I killed and ran out of ammo, he was trying to collect balls when he got nailed). Then I saw one of the other team break off and he went under the balcony. Then I called his move and just as he came into view I ducked and rolled, picking up my SS2 and firing. I hit his arm and he couldnít operate that chainblazer one handed so I took my knife (paper towel roll) and stabbed him. Then I went down the stairs with my SS2 and my bandolier, firing at the last enemy. he ducked behind a couch and reloaded his ballzooka, all the while keeping us at bay with his six-shooter. Then he popped up and fired at us. I ducked behind a counter and my teammate collected ammo that had fallen near the couch he was behind. I moved along the counter sideways until I could see behind his cover and then I yelled "GO" to my teammate. We both popped up and the enemy backed off because he was caught from both sides. He moved to escape my range and stepped right out from behind the couch, moving into my teammateís field of fire. He went down in a hail of balls from my teammateís ballzooka.

The Wildfire Blazes for the first (and not the last) time

I was in a team shootout with 3 of my friends and my brother came out with a wildfire. He killed all my friends in a matter of seconds (5-7 secs) and I drew a bead on him with my modified crossbow. I fired and killed him just before he shot me. This is just how effective the Wildfire is. Nevermind I killed him with my Mcrossbow but this gun takes out teams in seconds. If I had been a little slower I would have been shot (5 times probably).

My first viewer-submitted story.

Alright, I was playing a 2 Vs. 1 ( the one being my friend, armed with a wildfire.) We were playing a "Saving Private Ryan" type scenario- We'd end up having to charge up a staircase to get him. Saving Private Ryan? Why is it called that?, you ask. My friend had himself holed up fairly well behind a stool-and-blanket bunker. His Wildfire could chew us up just lilke the German's MG40 on Omaha did to the Allied invaders. Well, anyway, my teammate was using only a SS2 ( I love it when the odds are stacked against us) and I was using a Expanda-blast. Don't laugh, please. It's actually pretty good if you're suicidal and stupid. So here's the layout. Mr..German, the defender, had forgotten that to the left of his bunker was a balcony, with about a 3-inch gap between the rails. Beneath it, a foyer. I snuck into the foyer with my Expanda-blast. I had a nice, pretty view of the defender, with his finger on the wildfire. If I missed this shot, I'd be a foam-studded dead man. So, I lifted the EB to my shoulder and peered into the opaque sight. Though quite distorted, I could discern his head. I breathed, exhaled, and fired. The dart flew straight and true, smacking him in the ear. He yelped, and hit the dirt. I whooped in thralls of laughter, and he knew why. He just got killed by and Expanda-Blast!!!! -Rob

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