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A Beginnerís Guide To Foam Weapons


This is a simple guide to beginning Warriors on tactics, purchasing, modifying guns, and other important things. Much of this will be mentioned in other sections but I figured it was important enough to go in itís own section.

So, You want to get started with some good guns I suppose. Of course you do! I would suggest getting a Heavy weapon (Like a chainblazer, roto-track, or if youíre lucky and you can find a ballzooka or arrowstorm by all means get them!) and a sidearm (I would advise a sharpshooter 2, Lockín load (If you donít want to modify your Sharpshooter 2), or if youíre lucky maybe you can get a warthog.). You can also get a small last-ditch effort gun (I advise a hidden shot, wrist blitzer, or autogrip). You will need at least a sidearm and a heavy gun to have real Nerf wars.

Okay, now you have a few guns and the will to be an awesome Nerf Warrior. What else could you possibly need? Iíll tell you. First you will probably have trouble carrying your sidearm (your last-ditch gun should have a convenient holding place). This can be solved in several ways. The simplest one (Also the one I use) Is to somehow attach the gun to your body. You could also hide it somewhere but I donít want to have to run away and retrieve my sidearm to use it. You can usually strap any gun of reasonable size onto your belt by tying a string around it somewhere and then hooking it to your belt with a bent key ring or carabiner. This may flop around a bit during combat but it works and you can find a way to attach the other end to your body (i.e. double-side duct tape so part of it doesnít stick but some does to your gun, holding it in place) but I donít believe itís necessary. Also buy duct tape (maybe duck tape works) and rubber bands as well as having a phillips-head screwdriver handy (used to open up Nerf guns for modifications). I also suggest buying an extra pack of darts (unless you donít use standard dart type gun) that comes with a chain (I will explain later). Even if you didnít buy the Sharpshooter 2 reading the next section will help you understand modification a little better.

If you bought the Sharpshooter 2 you will have to modify it to make it a worthy sidearm (Otherwise the range isnít too spiffy). What I did first was take apart the Sharpshooter 2 (Itís simple inside but you donít have to do this) and put tape over all the holes in the two barrels. Then pull on the cocker until the spring comes out (There should be little or no resistance) and stretch the big spring out (It only works if you pull really hard and stretch it out one pair of coils at a time). This will make the gun slightly harder to cock and give it a little more range. I would advise you donít shotgun your sharpshooter 2 because I donít think it increases your chances of hitting enough to be left vulnerable between shots(You must reload). This is my personal opinion but you can look shotgunning the Sharpshooter 2 up in my modifications section. You may remove the ammo holder (It kind of gets in the way) before you reassemble the gun. It shouldnít be too hard getting the gun back in one piece (the small spring on the cocker and the trigger must be in position). Once the gun is back together loop at least 4 large rubber bands(I use 12) through the cocker and put them around the front of the gun, then shoot a few things and see the improvement. Then take off the rubber bands so they donít stretch out.

Okay, You still with me? Now I will explain why you normally want to buy a pack of extra darts with a chain. Make the chain links into an unfinished chain and get a piece of string long enough to sling around your torso and tie either end to a chamber at the end of the chain (each end is on an opposite chamber). Yep, cheezy. Itís a Nerf Bandolier. The extra ammo storage will help you greatly in winning wars.

Alright, now you must think you look like Arnold Schwarzzenager. Not even close but never mind. Round up a few friends for a war but read these general combat tips first.


  1. Stay alert! Donít just stand there reading the decals on your gun.
  2. Keep Your head Down! Nothingís more embarrassing than walking onto a battlefield and being shot instantly.
  3. Donít Waste Ammo! You can fire cover shots but only do that to protect yourself or get in a better position.
  4. Be aggressive! If youíre aggressive your wars donít drag on, theyíre quicker and more fun than when you just sit behind cover for 2 hours.


Keep these things in mind when youíre fighting and also look at my tactics section!


Note: I will expand this page as often as possible with more graphics and other stuff I forgot.

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